Dec 7, 2011

Yesterday my mother-in-law babysat while I did a little shopping. I didn't have any luck at Toys R Us- boy, do they need to restock. What's up with their website too? I've had troubles on it for a couple weeks. Anyways, I did have good luck at the thrift store!That burlap angel is a tree topper. Kitschy, but cute, right?
I'm working on an update for my vintage shop right now, including kids books. One is "The Question and Answer Book of Everyday Science (1961)". I think I may have to read through it before I list it. Even though it's a bit dated, it looks interesting. One of the others is "Airplanes and Trucks and Trains, Fire Engines, Boats and Ships and Building and Wrecking Machines (1972)." Wonderfully illustrated. I think that's the longest title for a kids book I've ever seen!

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