Jul 31, 2015

Starting Over

Welcome! Boy, it has been a long time. Because it's been so long, I think I'm basically starting over with this blog. So, I thought I'd reintroduce myself. I'm Angie, and we live in south-central Wisconsin. We have one child, a 6 year old daughter. We began our homeschool journey last fall for Kindergarten. A huge change in our life, but very positive for our family. Because homeschooling is such a big part of our life, this blog will now focus more on this part of our life. I will continue to blog about crafting, cooking, etc.

I have been debating on whether to start blogging again. I'm so over so many sponsored blog posts, blogggers/IGers not being upfront about sponsored items, and bloggers that do not feel authentic. Most of my favorite blogs have fizzled out. So, maybe I'm not the only one looking for something new. Something more real. Also, homeschooling can feel isolating sometimes, and I would love to make some more connections. To share what I've learned & learn new things from my blog readers. I think blogging again is a great place to start.

So here I am again and I'm excited to share my journey. 

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