Jan 18, 2012

You may have noticed today that some websites have been protesting Congress today. Specifically, the legislation known as SOPA and PIPA which will be brought up for a vote on January 24. The purpose of these bills is to prevent internet piracy, but it will ultimately grant copyright owners unprecedented power to block or shut down websites completely for copyright infringement. As stated on etsy.com: "... under SOPA, anyone who is a "holder of an intellectual property right harmed by the activities" of even one shop on Etsy, could hypothetically serve our technology partners (e.g. payment processors, hosting services) with a notice that would require them to suspend Etsy's service within 5 days. That means that a trademark violation in one shop could affect everyone’s business." Utterly ridiculous.
If you'd like to take a stand, here's one of the many sites available to help you reach your representative.
Thank you.

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